The “Boys Planet” Contestant Cementing A Heartbreaking Mnet Curse After ZEROBASEONE’s Final Lineup Was Revealed

One trainee broke hearts after missing out on debuting!

On April 20, after months of performing and voting, Mnet‘s Boys Planet finally revealed the final lineup for their new group ZEROBASEONE.

Introducing The Final 9 Members Of “Boys Planet” New Group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1)

Following the announcement, netizens noticed things about the lineup.

Boys Planet broke the curse of global trainees as Zhang Hao became the first global contestant to get first place, but the group stuck with the nine-year age gap between the oldest and youngest member.

The final lineup for ZEROBASEONE | Mnet

Yet, while some curses were stopped and others stayed the same in positive ways, one contestant’s fate broke the hearts of netizens, and it was PENTAGON‘s Hui.

PENTAGON’s Hui entered the competition as Lee Hoetaek | Mnet

Hui is a veteran idol who has been active since 2016 and has wowed netizens with his presence on stage and as one of the strongest producers and writers in the industry. Whether it was performing with PENTAGON or the songs he wrote, including Wanna One’s “Energetic,” Hui has truly shined.

Hui in the video for PENTAGON’s “SHINE” | 1theK/YouTube
Hui wrote Wanna One’s “Energetic” | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube   

Following his return from his military service, many fans expected Hui to return to PENTAGON. Yet, like the contestants and mentors, they were shocked when the idol appeared on Boys Planet as a trainee.

Of course, despite attempts at “evil editing,” Hui impressed everyone with his version of BLACKPINK’s track “Shut Down,” adding his own twist to the hit track.


Yet, the heartbreaking reason this is being brought up is that during the first performances, Hui ranked number one and took his place at the center of the trainees.

Hui got the center seat and first place in the first round | Mnet

Since Mnet started having reality shows to debut new groups, there has been a “curse” netizens believe never fails, and it’s that the trainee who sat on the center seat in the first episode has never made it to the final debut lineup. While it initially related to the Produce shows…

Produce 101, Huh Chanmi sat on the center seat and she got eliminated in episode 10 of the show.
Produce 101 Season 2, Jang Moon Bok sat on the center seat in the first episode, and he ended up getting eliminated in episode 10.
In Produce 48, Park Seo Young was the center seat, and she got eliminated in episode 8.
Produce X 101 saw Yoon Seobin sit on the center seat in the first episode, and he ended up getting removed from the show due to his personal life.

It also related to Girls Planet 999 where Yurina was on the top seat with global voting in the first round and didn’t debut, and it was the same for Hui in Boys Planet.

Yurina’s veteran career cemented her in first place in the first voting

When it was revealed that Hui wouldn’t debut, netizens not only shared their sadness that the “curse” had continued but how heartbreaking it was that Hui’s hard work hadn’t paid off.

Throughout the series, the idol gained criticism for his participation and voiced his fears about the show, but had continued to work and never used his name or seniority in the show.

Hui continues the No.1 seat curse
by u/Kyuhyun4Ever in BoysPlanet

While it is heartbreaking that Hui didn’t debut with ZEROBASEONE, many hope that the exposure will only benefit both him and PENTAGON in the future.

You can read more about the contestants who missed out on a chance to debut below.

The “Boys Planet” Contestant Who Just Missed Out On Debuting In ZEROBASEONE After Placing 10th In The Final Rankings

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