THE BOYZ Accused Of Mistreating Ju Haknyeon During A Live Broadcast

The mistreatment is towards one specific member.

 THE BOYZ members Ju Haknyeon and New have cleared up the misunderstanding in a follow-up live broadcast.

Boy group THE BOYZ is currently receiving backlash after appearing on a live broadcast for their fans.

THE BOYZ | Cre.Ker Entertainment

On a recent V Live broadcast, 5 members of the boy group filmed themselves engaging with their fans. It was during their V Live that one of the members created a bit of a controversy for the group. Viewers could see member Ju Haknyeon entering the room where the other 4 members were filming. After he entered the room, however, member New tells Ju Haknyeon to leave. This is where the controversy occurred.

Ju Haknyeon: “I guess I can just sit right here.”
New: “Haknyeon hyung, go back to your room.”
Ju Haknyeon: “Why? Do you want to get rid of me?”
New: “No hyung, you have ddoong-i (doll) in your room. Go play with ddoong-i.

THE BOYZ Ju Haknyeon (left) | V Live

According to netizens who were tuned into the live broadcast, Ju Haknyeon can be seen leaving the room about 2 minutes after he entered. After his departure from the room, the other 4 members of THE BOYZ then allegedly took this photo without him.

THE BOYZ without Ju Haknyeon | V Live

As this mistreatment of Ju Haknyeon began to make headlines, netizens found more examples of THE BOYZ’ members allegedly mistreating Ju Haknyeon. In a Twitter post from 2018, a short clip of Sunwoo responding to Ju Haknyeon gained traction for his supposed rude behavior.

Ju Haknyeon: “Hey I’m sorry, but can you speak a little louder? The people in the back can’t hear anything.”
Sunwoo: “Oh well I’m not speaking because I want the people in the back to hear me. I am talking to The B (their fans).”

As these incidents started to make headlines, netizens began to chime in with their opinions on the entire situation.

| theqoo
  • “There has to be a member leading this behavior.”
  • “Honestly, New has always been like this.”
  • “After watching Produce, Ju Haknyeon wasn’t the most likable, but New? What the hell is wrong with his character? I can’t believe people are trying to shield him. It doesn’t matter if you know the entire story. I’m all hurt by it.”
  • “Wow… there are still people doing stuff like this.”
  • “The fact that nobody else seems to care that he leaves makes it seem like this is typical behavior. This is shocking.”
  • “Don’t do that to Haknyeon f**k.”
  • “What the f**k.”
  • “Wow, the audacity.”
| Cre.Ker Entertainment

Earlier this year, the K-Pop industry was rocked with numerous bullying allegations, with dozens of K-Pop idol members getting accused of school violence and bullying. These accusations shook the industry as many of these idols halted their activities due to the severe backlash they received from the public. Shortly after these school bullying rumors took the nation by storm, girl group APRIL came under fire for allegedly bullying their former member Lee Hyunjoo out of the group.

As the sensitivity surrounding schools and internal group bullying remains, fans and netizens were quick to notice the alleged mistreatment of Ju Haknyeon he received from his other group members.

THE BOYZ member Ju Haknyeon | SE Daily Star

THE BOYZ’ agency, Cre.Ker Entertainment has not yet addressed the backlash nor the allegations regarding the clips in question.

Source: theqoo


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