Girl Group Brave Girls Reveals New Group Name

They faced copyright issues.

It was previously reported that Brave Girls had signed an exclusive management contract with a new company. After leaving Brave Entertainment, the four signed with Warner Music Korea.

The happy news came with a new worry — due to copyright issues, Brave Girls were unable to promote under a new company with their existing group name. This is as Brave Entertainment still owns the name “Brave Girls.” A common business practice amongst entertainment companies, it does not indicate a bad relationship or a bad end to the contract.

With all the legal red tape, the girls have decided on a new group name — BB GIRLS. In Korean, they will be called “beu-beu geolseu.” This name has actually been an unofficial nickname for Brave Girls, as fans had been calling them this to shorten their team name. In Korean, “brave (beu-re-i-beu)” was too long for many, so fans simply took the first and last character to create the nickname.

It was reported that the members themselves took a long time to contemplate a name that would continue the group’s identity. As BB GIRLS had always been rolling around in their heads, they decided to use it officially.

The girls are all in for a fresh start with the new name!

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Brave Girls

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