Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain’s Agency Apologizes For Her Use Of Illegal Propofol

They have apologized.

Brown Eyed Girls Gain‘s agency APOP by Mystic Story has apologized for her illegal propofol usage.

Mystic Story, the parent company for Gain’s agency APOP, released their statement regarding Gain’s illegal propofol usage, apologizing for the incident and promising to do better in the future.

This is Mystic Story.

We would like to comment about the report of Gain’s propofol usage.

Gain was fined ₩1.00 million KRW (about $884 USD) last year after being summarily indicted for propofol usage.

Even though both Gain and our agency realized this was socially an incorrect thing, we did not apologize for the mistake first, and we bow our heads in apology for causing more concern with this sudden news.

Above all, it is painful and our hearts hurt to tell this to the fans who have been affectionately waiting for such a long time during her period of self-reflection, and our news were unable to satisfy you.

During her activities, Gain accumulated both small and large injuries and wounds. She has been suffering from severe pains, depression, and sleep disorders for a long time, and during that process, made a reckless decision.

Despite the increased pain she was feeling due to personal circumstances that were not talked about over the past years, neither the artist nor the agency, who should be working together and share a common fate, found a good way out of this. As an agency, we feel deeply responsible for the lack [of a solution].

From now on, Gain and our agency will do our best to stand in front of the fans and the public with a more mature image and have more careful and serious feelings. Once again, we sincerely apologized for causing concern.

— Mystic Story

Yesterday, it was reported that a famous girl group member was fined for illegally using propofol, a controlled substance primarily used as a general anesthetic. It was later revealed to have been Gain

Source: Yonhap