Victim Claims BTOB Minhyuk’s Father Hasn’t Paid Off Debt in 10 Years in Another #DebtToo Case, Cube Entertainment Responds

Cube Entertainment has made a statement but the dispute continues.

A person who claims to be a victim of the #DebtToo movement has spoken up, claiming that BTOB Minhyuk‘s father has not paid back the money he borrowed 10 years ago.


The creditor, Mr. Lim, claims that he lent Minhyuk’s father 100 million won for a house downpayment on August 29, 2008. According to Mr. Lim, Minhyuk’s father repaid 50 million won not long after and promised to pay back the remaining amount in the future. Mr. Lim confessed that his finances were not entirely stable either and therefore, he took out a loan using his house as collateral.

“He said he’d pay back the money once he sells his current house so I believed him and lent him the money. I wasn’t financially stable at the time either so I used my house as collateral to take out a loan.”

ㅡ Mr. Lim


The two have apparently even signed an agreement, but the debt has still not been settled. The agreement stated, “(I will repay the unpaid) 50 million won (of the 100 million won) by March 31, 2010.”


According to the text messages revealed by Mr. Lim, however, Minhyuk’s father did not reply until October 2016.


Finally, he succeeded in getting in touch with Minhyuk’s father last year but after repaying 10 million won out of his remaining 50 million won debt, he went back to ignoring his calls. Mr. Lim concluded by pleading for help, explaining that he is still paying off the loan he received 10 years ago.

“He avoided me until 2016 and then began to pay back 1 million won at a time since last year. But I’ve lost contact with him again. We are still paying off our loan. I tried begging him to give me at least the interest, but he won’t answer my calls. Please help.”

ㅡ Mr. Lim


Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment has responded to the issue, stating that Minhyuk’s father did not use the borrowed money and is still paying off the debt.

“He (Minhyuk’s father) signed the agreement for his acquaintance. Minhyuk’s father did not use the borrowed money. He has been repaying the debt little by little since last year.”

ㅡ Cube Entertainment


In response to Cube’s statement, Mr. Lim argued that it was Minhyuk’s father who borrowed the money and signed all the agreements and stated that he should not be responsible for finding out who spent the money and getting it back.

“Mr. Lee (Minhyuk’s father) did not sign for the loan. Mr. Lee was the one who asked to borrow the money and the IOU, agreement and the repaid money up to now has all been under Mr. Lee’s name. He said he didn’t use the money and told me to get the money from the person who used it (Mr. Lee’s acquaintance). As the creditor, must I find out who used the money and go around collecting the debt?”

ㅡ Mr. Lim


After hearing the response, Cube Entertainment has stated that they will report back after further confirming the facts.

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