Each BTS Member Has A Different Way Of Handling An Angry Friend

“What is it? What’s the problem? Tell me.”

After spending over ten years together, BTS knows that even the best of friends fight sometimes.

Top: Jin, Jimin, V, RM, and Suga. Bottom: Jungkook and J-Hope.

In episode 2 of MBTI Lab, they answered Q&A questions to learn more about each other’s personalities. One question was about resolving conflicts between friends.

My friend seems angry at me these days. What would I do? A: Organize my thoughts whether it takes a week or a month. Think about why they’re angry first. B: Ask right away what the problem is; ‘Hey, are you mad about something I did?’

— RM

SugaRMV, and J-Hope all chose A (taking time to think before speaking to their friend). On the other hand, JungkookJimin, and Jin all picked B (speaking to their friend right away.)

RM used to be the type who would immediately confront his friend, but that didn’t work out well for him in the past. He said, “Before, I reacted like B and lost some friends.”

Jimin would rather tackle the problem as soon as possible. “This is just a matter of personality,” he said. “That kind of waiting is unbearable for me. It’s hard if I can’t understand it.”

Like Jimin, Jin dives right in and asks his friend what the issue is.

I’m B too. If someone seems upset at me, I just ask ‘What is it? What’s the problem? Tell me.’

— Jin

As RM and Suga pointed out, this approach doesn’t always have the best results.

If I go the B route, that’s just wanting to start a fight. So A, but I wouldn’t wait too long like a week or a month to talk to each other.

— Suga

Jungkook chose A, but he wouldn’t approach his friend in a way that might cause a fight. “You can just be careful with how you ask,” he said. “I think I’d keep consoling them, so they can tell me what’s wrong.”

As pointed out, however, if you try to talk to an angry friend right away without letting them cool down, emotions might run too high to have a rational discussion about the problem.

If you do it like B the talk gets emotional. If you do it like A, you find some reason and you can talk rationally.

— V

“Me? I need to gather my thoughts first,” J-Hope chimed in. “and I’m giving my friend some time to think too.”

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