BTS Gets Hilariously Savage In The Great Shrimp Debate

Suga wasn’t having it at ALL.

Move over, perilla leaves! There’s a new hot topic that’s all about seafood, romance, and sass.

Left to right: Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, RM, Jin, V, and J-Hope.

Is it appropriate for your significant other to help a friend (or vice versa) separate their perilla leaves? BTS has very strong opinions about this, but what about peeling shrimp? brought this debate up in episode 2 of MBTI Lab.

I heard this one too. Peeling shrimp for a friend.

— V

Who knew that shrimp would bring out Suga‘s savage streak? “I mean, if they can’t even peel a shrimp by themselves,” he said. “they don’t deserve to eat shrimp.”

Like Suga, Jin just isn’t the jealous type when it comes to food. He doesn’t care what their significant other does with their perilla leaves, and the same is true for shrimp. He looked at the situation logically.

I think they could peel it for them. It’s just a shrimp. Peeling a shrimp takes some effort. If there’s a way that only one dirties their hands then the other two wouldn’t have to…[(Minimal effort maximum efficiency)].

— Jin

V, who is absolutely not okay with his partner getting flirty with perilla leaves, used a hypothetical situation to get his point across to Suga. Still, Jin and Suga wouldn’t budge from Team “It’s Okay.”

You, me, and your significant other went out to eat, and your significant other suddenly goes like this…and their chopsticks touch. How would you feel?

— Suga

Jungkook is fine with his significant other helping a friend out with guk (a soup-like dish), but peeling shrimp? Forget it! His emphatic answer made Jimin laugh so hard that he broke his chair.

Afterward, Suga dissed his hypothetical partner yet again. “Let’s all be sensible,” he said. “If they can’t peel off a perilla leaf or can’t peel a shrimp at this age then there’s a problem with them.” 

Poor Jimin. He just wanted all the fighting to end!

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