ARMY Thanks BTS’s Jin For Giving The Best Gift For V’s Birthday

Jin is a great gift-giver!

BTS‘s Jin has finally updated social media since being tested positive for COVID-19.

BTS’s Jin

He’s the only member who tested positive that has actually been experiencing symptoms.

| Weverse

Suga and RM also tested positive for COVID-19 and have been doing well so far despite it. Both rappers posted on Weverse to reassure concerned ARMYs.

From left: Suga, Jin, and RM. | @bts_official_bighit/TikTok

So, ARMYs have been waiting for updates on Jin’s condition. Rather than post about himself, he focused on others, proving as always he’s especially thoughtful and loving.

Jin (left) and V (right)

He took the time during recovery to celebrate his member’s birthday. He shared a sweet and considerate post for V‘s birthday.

my bro taehyung-ah
im uploading the picture you requested
i love you -jin-

— Jin

He forgot to add the now-signature “ah happy birthday bro,” so he added it by tweeting just a minute after posting the photo.

Apparently, the birthday boy asked specifically for this bearded close-up of himself to be posted! Thanks to Jin, we have finally got the most handsome and HD photo of V’s facial hair. J-Hope may not be a fan of the look, but Jin, V, and ARMY surely are!

Jin should be giving a gift to the one who’s celebrating their birthday, but instead, it feels as though we are the ones receiving a gift! ARMYs are feeling especially thankful right now due to Jin’s generosity.

Jin always knows what to post for someone’s birthday. He’s a master at this.

ARMYs were so grateful that they went so far as to trend “THANK YOU JIN” and “jin hyung” on Twitter after he posted.

What can we say? That photo is the gift that keeps on giving.

Source: @BTS_twt