ARMYs Are Yelling “Take My Money!” Over BTS’s Latest Merch Release

Everyone wants this!

BTS‘s latest merch release is capturing attention from fans worldwide — and has us ready to reach into our pockets!

“My BTS Diary” gives ARMY a chance to learn Korean through BTS’s own messages.

‘My BTS Diary’ is a diary-concept book package that compiles messages BTS has posted on social media so that ARMY can read and copy them down in their daily lives. It was made in the hope that ARMY who has sincerely wanted to understand BTS’ messages or wanted to convey their thoughts in Korean will find it helpful.

— Weverse

The contents of “My BTS Diary” include two books that are enclosed in an outer box, labeled “From BTS” and “Dear BTS.”


There is also a 3-sheet sticker set, an envelope, and two memo pads, allowing fans to design the pages to their liking.

The various chapters of the book include greetings, daily sharing, celebratory wishes, compliments, concerns and regrets, cheer and comfort, and only from BTS.

Greetings, daily updates, compliments, words of comfort, etc. All the messages that BTS has sent to ARMY have been collected and analyzed according to the topics. Read BTS’ messages every day, and cherish and record all the precious memories BTS and ARMY share together.

— Weverse

Through actual messages the BTS members have posted on SNS, ARMY can learn Korean in a realistic setting.

Additionally, you can write your own messages back to BTS and are encouraged to share them on social media.

Check out the full trailer below.

Source: Weverse Shop