BTS Embarrassed The Heck Out Of Jin With Compliments

He got completely flustered at BTS’s birthday party.

BTS‘s Jin loves to compliment himself, but when someone else does it, he can’t handle it!

You would think that someone who goes around introducing himself as Worldwide Handsome wouldn’t be easily embarrassed, but that’s not the case. According to RM, Jin is actually the shyest member.

At BTS’s seventh birthday party, Jin lived up to RM’s opinion, yet again. During this annual FESTA celebration, the members shared stories (like Jimin‘s rainy day fight with Jungkook) and expressed their feelings about each other.

Suga chose Jin as the member who has impressed him the most. Why? Because Jin is consistent. Everyone has ups and downs, Suga said, but Jin hasn’t changed since they were young.

Thanks to that praise, Jin’s ears turned red. He tried playing Suga’s sweet words off as a joke, but unfortunately for poor, flustered Jin, the rain of compliments was just beginning!

Jimin feels that the compliments he gets from other members, like “hard-working” and “diligent”, describe Jin more accurately.

Between Jimin’s compliments and Jungkook‘s affection, Jin was completely stressing out. “Don’t look at me,” he said. “Don’t look at me. Look somewhere else.” 

Jin managed to endure one more round of praise from RM before everyone’s focus turned to Jungkook. Phew! That was tough. Although Jin finds it embarrassing to be the center of attention, he knows one thing for sure — his members love him very much!

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