BTS’s “God Of Destruction” Strikes Again—V Spills Why RM’s In-Ear Monitors Keep Breaking

It all makes sense now!

BTS‘s leader RM has earned the nickname “God of Destruction” for a good reason.

BTS’s RM | Mnet

He has the reputation of being endearingly clumsy.


This includes both losing and breaking items.


RM has famously lost his passport…


And it’s been said that he has lost 33+ AirPods.

Ahh, AirPods. Since this is my 34th pair, I guess I bought them 33 times?

— RM


Now, he has not lost his in-ears (in-ear monitors). Instead, he apparently has a habit of breaking them. RM is known to break things, so it’s not too surprising.

Yet, V has revealed why exactly RM seems to continually break in-ears, despite their seemingly durable quality.

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In a newly released behind-the-scenes clip from the 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO DVD, RM is seen to be working out, one of his favorite pastimes.

It then cuts to V and J-Hope watching the leader exercise. V comments that since RM works out so vigorously with his in-ears hanging, they easily break due to impact.

This is why all his in-ears keep breaking…

— V

It all makes sense now!

Watch the video clip below:

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