Here’s What BTS’s “Hobi Hyung” Said To TXT’s Taehyun About “Blue Hour”

This time, J-Hope didn’t give advice but something even better.

With BTS finally having juniors to share their wisdom with, they’ve forged precious friendships with the members of TXT. One of those friendships is between Taehyun and J-Hope. The two are close enough that Taehyun revealed that they often contact each other.

During one of their conversations, Taehyun had asked J-Hope for advice for their “Can’t You See Me?” comeback that went viral. With that in mind, a fan asked if J-Hope had shared any more advice with TXT for their “Blue Hour” comeback. Instead, J-Hope gave them something even better, which also took place during their chat messages.

Twitter user @yoonsss_ asked Taehyun if he’s asked J-Hope for advice on their mini-album minisode1 : Blue Hour. Instead, J-Hope was the one who had contacted Taehyun.

Shortly after they dropped their title track, Taehyun revealed that “Hobi hyung” had complimented him on how well the song came out: “Ah, it wasn’t advice. But as soon as the song was released, Hobi hyung sent me a chat and said the song was good.

Since both Taehyun and Hueningkai have stated that “Blue Hour” had taken notes and been inspired by BTS and “Dynamite”, that was high praise for the group to receive. J-Hope is truly a kind senior for lending advice to TXT when they need it but also praising them for their own success.

You can check out Taehyun revealing the sweet interaction with his “Hobi hyung” here.

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