BTS J-Hope’s Reaction To Reuniting With A Staff 6 Years Later Showcases His True Personality

He recognized the staff from 2016!

Recently, BTS‘s J-Hope guested on Park Sohyun’s Radio Show Love Game.

BTS’s J-Hope

He talked about his parents’ reactions to his Lolapalooza performance, pre-debut musical, his legendary Jack In The Box listening party, and more.

Love Game

There, he was also able to meet with ARMYs after a while!

BTS’s J-Hope and ARMY at Love Game. | @lovegame1077/Instagram

Yet, he also reunited with someone after six whole years!

Love Game released a full video of J-Hope at the radio show, and he can be seen talking to not only Park Sohyun but a staff. He was so surprised to see the staff that he stepped back.

Love Game

J-Hope finally realized that he knew the man as a former staff of BIGHIT from 2016! So, it had been six years, but J-Hope still remembered him.

Love Game

J-Hope was so excited to be reunited that he hugged the man, who was taken aback by the affection from the idol!

Love Game

So, they caught up, talked for a while, and reminisced. It’s so wholesome!

Love Game

While some may see it as the bare minimum to remember a former staff from six years ago, there are not many celebrities who even bother to take time to know even current staff. So, the fact that J-Hope remembers a staff from so long ago and his genuine fond reaction really shows just what a kind individual he is. No matter what happens in terms of fame and success, J-Hope remains the same great guy he always has been!

Watch the video clip below.

Source: BTSArmy_47

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