ARMY Discover A Cafe Inspired By BTS’s J-Hope

It’s a must-visit for ARMY!

BTS always have a massive impact on fans, even when it’s something as simple as Jungkook accidentally advertising products that sell out quickly.

Jungkook | @jksfleur/Twitter

Or RM using his Instagram to promote an appreciation for visual art with a broad audience.

He is throwing away the kind of barrier between the art institutions — galleries and museums — and younger people.

— Park Kyung Mee

RM standing in front of one of Yun’s paintings at PKM Gallery | @BTS_twt/Twitter

RM even once visited a cafe and, despite not posting any of the cafe’s information, ARMY managed to find the cafe. RM’s visit was so impactful that the cafe’s owner even thanked RM for the promotion.

To. RM

You came by cafe Biscuit yesterday. I’m also currently waiting to take a picture at where you sat down. Today, the words I heard the most were questions that were curious as to which coffee you drank. I heard from Saetbyeol (employee), regarding what you said about how the Christmas Blend goes well with Christmas. Saetbyeol, who was the one who came in close contact with you, after she recognized you, decided to roast more of the Christmas Blend even though Christmas has been long forgotten. We are quite materialistic, you see. ARMY are all really polite. Your cup of coffee was greater than the disaster relief fund.

Seems like you had two cups. I hope the memory of you drinking Biscuit’s coffee deliciously will last long. Thanks to you, Biscuit was an ARMY base today.


— Biscuit’s owner

Most recently, BTS’s impact seems to have inspired an entire cafe’s theme. Fans recently noticed that a small cafe in Samcheong-dong, South Korea, was named Eenie Meenie Miney Moe, seemingly inspired by J-Hope‘s recent solo song, “More.”

His debut solo album, Jack In The Box, explored J-Hope’s journey through encountering obstacles and working to overcome them.

But you know what’s funny though? I got more creative doing a fresh start. I erased them all, and it just cleared my mind. I do not avoid challenges and slumps. I am the kind of person who encounters and overcomes it. Like, ‘Let’s just do it’Jack In The Box actually walks through the journey.

— J-Hope

J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

As “More” was the pre-release single for the album, J-Hope even tuned in to fans’ reactions, wanting to see what they would think of his new style.

I looked up the fans’ reviews, and reaction videos, and most of them were close to my expectations.

— J-Hope

Fans, of course, loved his new style, as the cafe Eenie Meenie Miney Moe, seemingly named for lyrics in “More,” proves.

| @ddaisyy94/Twitter

| @ddaisyy94/Twitter

Even the cafe’s brightly colored plates and cups seem like something J-Hope would approve of.

| @ddaisyy94/Twitter

ARMY are hopeful that J-Hope will get the opportunity to visit the cafe.

And are adding it to their list of places to visit in South Korea.

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