J-Hope Cringes At BTS’s Old Hilarious Romantic Marketing In Japan

We love these days! 🤣

During J-Hope‘s appearance on YouTube show MMTG, the BTS member delved into his past and discussed some of his past viral moments.

One time, he reached people who didn’t even know BTS during James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke.” He became known as “the guy in the middle” for his bright smile and contagious energy!

He even shared behind-the-scenes stories about moments that quickly spread throughout the ARMY fandom, like his iconic stoic reaction to the BTS members wanting to skip dance practice after hitting number 1 on Billboard HOT 100 with “Dynamite.”

He also wasn’t afraid to delve into some of his “embarrassing” or “cringy” moments, including his airport fashion that accidentally exposed a bit too much of his boxers!

However, one of the funniest moments was when he reacted to BTS’s hilarious Japan marketing and magazine features from around 2014. One of the magazine spreads featured the BTS members in suits holding flowers trying to “woo” the ARMY who was reading!

We want to be the person who puts a ring on your ring finger ..

— J-Hope (Quote in the magazine spread)

J-Hope was totally cringing at his past self, but he had his reasons!

You’re putting your arm around thin air!

— Host JaeJae

As expected, J-Hope always works hard with no complaints — even if the concept is kind of funny!

I did what I was told to do! *LOL* I did it because they told me I had to.

— J-Hope

No matter how much he cringes, we will always find these old romantic magazine spreads totally adorable!

Check out what else he revealed below.

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