BTS’s J-Hope Mastered The Choreography For “Rush Hour” In An Absurdly Short Time, Proving He’s A Dancing Legend

The amount of time it took Crush to learn the choreography isn’t even comparable.

Crush recently featured BTS‘s J-Hope on his latest song, “Rush Hour.” Fans love the upbeat, playful track and the perfect chemistry between the duo, especially in their TikTok challenge for the song.

In different interviews, Crush has opened up about what it was like to work with J-Hope, including talking about the most shocking thing J-Hope did during filming.

Teaser photo for “Rush Hour” with BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Crush (right). | @OfficialPnation/Twitter

Fans had especially been looking forward to the collaboration to see J-Hope’s incredible dance moves, which definitely didn’t disappoint, especially when fans realized that the idol had incorporated many of BTS’s past dance moves into the choreography.

It is no surprise to fans that in an episode of Crush’s BLACKVOX featuring J-Hope, the singer exposed J-Hope’s incredible dance skills. Crush explained that he had to practice the dance for the chorus extremely diligently since he hadn’t danced for his songs before.

I was kind of shocked. For the music video filming, I practiced the dance moves of the chorus part every single day for two to three straight weeks.

— Crush

| Crush/YouTube 

But when it came time for J-Hope to learn it, Crush was shocked by how easily J-Hope could master the choreography.

And then you mastered the dance moves in just 30 minutes.

— Crush

| Crush/YouTube 

Which J-Hope couldn’t help but laugh at.

| Crush/YouTube 

Crush couldn’t stop praising J-Hope, impressed by his immeasurable dance skill.

Effortlessly. You mastered it flawlessly. It barely took 30 minutes. You just saw it once and went like, ‘Like this? Like this here?‘ Then you danced to the music, I got chills on my back here.

— Crush

| Crush/YouTube 

And joked that while it was easy for J-Hope, it was like the impossible to achieve tasks from the variety show Infinite Challenge.

For me, mastering the dance moves was like the Infinite Challenge.

— Crush

| Crush/YouTube 

There’s certainly no denying J-Hope’s insane dance ability.

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