BTS’s J-Hope Is Praised For His Professionalism During An Impromptu Scene

He immediately rose to the challenge!

BTS J-Hope‘s professionalism and skills are so well-known among staff, that everyone knows it’s a compliment to be told ‘호비있다’ (There’s Hobi)! J-Hope proved exactly why this phrase is true while on the set for the “My Universe” music video.

While the members were hard at work, there was one final scene left to film: At the end of the video, a spaceship’s light beams down on the members as they celebrate and dance.

Spontaneously asked to perform a freestyle dance, J-Hope didn’t waste a moment brainstorming the best performance for the scene.

During a break in filming, he didn’t speak with the members. Instead, he spoke with BTS’s choreographer and planned a variety of moves until the moment they would begin filming it.

When the time was right, he stepped into the middle…

…and immediately received praised from the director as he livened up the scene.

Looking great!

— Director

Afterwards, the BTS members noted how J-Hope became silent when it was time to focus.

J-Hope did seem quiet. He was planning out the moves in his head.

— RM

Jin joked that J-Hope’s skills were so sharp, it appeared as if he wasn’t even freestyling!

As expected of J-Hope, he shines brightest when showing off his skills like freestyle dance in other videos as well, including “Butter.”

Like a true professional, he always rises to the challenge!

Check out how else he amazed fans below!

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