How BTS’s J-Hope Really Feels About Headlining Lollapalooza Showcases His True Personality

It shows he’s a true artist!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently guested on IU‘s show IU’s Palette, where he got real about his feelings on his upcoming performance at 2022 Lollapalooza on July 31.

IU (left) and J-Hope (right) | IU Official/YouTube

The news of his headlining the famous Chicago music festival was met with incredible excitement from ARMYs. While J-Hope has been hard at work to prepare for it, he has also still found time to drop the occasional spoiler.

In his new interview with IU, she had him flustered when she forced him to face some facts, as well as when she hilariously asked him why he hadn’t invited her to his listening party. Yet, he also got real about many different things, including how he used to feel shy about his dream of becoming an idol.

Of course, IU checked in with him on the subject of Lollapalooza, commenting that headlining the event sounds like a big challenge.

When she asked him how he feels about taking on this challenge, J-Hope admitted that he actually does feel a little unsure about how he will do (which is understandable).

Yet, he then revealed the motivation that is driving him for this performance—and it shows his true personality. According to J-Hope, he not only wants to be able to bring his music to new people, but he also wants to receive feedback from them in order to grow even further as an artist!

I wanted to introduce my music to the crowd who were not interested in me, and receive feedback.

— J-Hope

With the festival so near, both ARMYs and non-fans will soon be able to see J-Hope in Chicago!

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Watch the full clip on the link below to see more of what he had to say about his upcoming performance.

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