BTS’s J-Hope Responds To The Possibility Of A Solo World Tour

When an ARMY asked him, this is what he said.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently held a livestream to chat with ARMY about his upcoming solo debut album Jack In The Box and answered all of their burning questions.

One fan’s question asking about a world tour caught J-Hope’s attention.

‘Is there a solo world tour?’ *Laughs*

— J-Hope

J-Hope confirmed that he’s first focusing on the first solo stage ahead of him: Headlining Lollapalooza!

I don’t think I could handle that. Just Lollapalooza was new and big challenge for me.

— J-Hope

However, it’s not completely off the table! He revealed that maybe after gaining more experience as a solo artist, he could consider it.

Maybe once I become a more mature artist I could think about something like that.

— J-Hope

For now, his sights are set on Lollapalooza. Judging by his reaction when a fan first brought it up during the livestream, he’s already in anticipation of the exciting day!

Lollapalooza is coming… That’s right! Oooooh…

— J-Hope

Despite his nerves, ARMY knows he’s going to put on an iconic show!

I’m so nervous!

— J-Hope

We can’t wait to see what J-Hope has in store for his performance!

Check out more from his livestream below.

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