Here’s Why BTS’s J-Hope Has His Neat And Clean “Husband Material” Personality That ARMY Loves

The man you are today, Hobi! 😍

BTS‘s J-Hope hung out with Zico on his new show Give Me A Minute to discuss everything from his secret talents to stories about meeting celebrities. Zico explored J-Hope’s charming personality and asked him all about his neat and tidy image as BTS’s designated clean member.

J-Hope shared that he feels his best when he’s in a clean environment.

As a lover of aesthetics, he prefers a neat and tidy look for his environment.

Whether it’s his house or his studio, he always keeps his space organized.

J-Hope’s Studio | Weverse

In BTS and many groups’ early years before and after debut, members share the same space, which can lead to conflicting points of view.

When multiple teenage guys live together, sometimes issues are solved in the most direct way possible!

  • ZC: “Early on in your debut years, you share your spaces with the other members. There’s always someone who’s the complete opposite of you. What do you do in these situations?”
  • JH: “Well, you have to fight! *Laughing*”

Originally, the BTS member who was the messiest was RM. However, J-Hope revealed that all of that has changed recently.

While Zico thinks RM gives off a neat and tidy impression, that’s not the RM that J-Hope knew from their time living in the dorms together!

After visiting RM’s home, J-Hope was amazed at how much he had changed and became a neat freak.

[I was like,] ‘Hey, what is this? You live like this?’ It wasn’t what I expected!

— J-Hope

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