BTS’s Jimin Makes A Surprise Appearance On BIGBANG Taeyang’s Instagram, K-Pop Fans Brace For Collaboration

Get ready, the album must be right around the corner!

Get ready: January 2023 will be when VIPs and ARMYs get the greatest collaboration of their lives. On January 2 (KST), BIGBANG‘s Taeyang uploaded two pictures of him working in a studio—with another person thought to be BTS‘s Jimin.

While the post itself had no real explanation (other than the hashtag #2023 and @theblacklabel tag), ARMYs noticed this stance:

| @__youngbae__/Instagram

Comparing it to BTS Jimin‘s favorite power pose…

BTS’s Jimin | theqoo

…fans are convinced that these pictures hint at the anticipated solo album from the OG idol featuring the global superstar—as reported in December 2022.

ARMYs also believe the hand shown in the picture is “Jimin-like,” speculating that the veiled man-in-black is indeed the BTS member.


In 2022, Taeyang surprised his fans by wiping his Instagram feed. The clean slate soon sparked comeback speculations. And since leaving YG Entertainment for THE BLACK LABEL, this is the first time he has uploaded to his social media.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang | Dispatch

Will these big changes lead to big results in 2023? Stay tuned for updates!

| theqoo
  • “That is Jimin’s hand.”
  • “Love this combination.”
  • “Jimin’s fingers, for sure. So excited!”
  • “I recognize that hand. I think that’s Jimin for sure.”
  • “Wow, I love both of them! Legend x legend collaboration, let’s get it!”
  • “That’s most definitely Jimin’s hand. Hi Jimin.”
  • “I’m so f*cking excited for this.”
  • “I can’t wait to hear what comes out of this.”
  • “Based on Jimin’s hair, I guess these pictures aren’t recent. Maybe they were taken while the two of them worked on recording together?”
  • “Look at that hand. That’s Jimin, 100%.”
  • “My worlds are colliding, haha. I’m so ready for this.”
  • “I can’t wait! I know a Jimin when I see one, so this is all too exciting!”

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Source: theqoo