BTS’s RM Nominates “Jin Hit” To Be The Next Hitman Bang

Jin Hit supremacy!

BTS‘s RM and Jin are back for more “NamJin” shenanigans!

Jin and RM

Today, RM and Jin hosted a live broadcast to chat about everything from their dads being besties to new TMIs, while making BT21 crafts. As always, it was a comedy show, full of funny NamJin moments like this:

For years, fans have joked about Jin secretly running Big Hit Music or trying to take over the company from its founder, Bang Si Hyuk (aka Hitman Bang). It all started in 2015, when Jin renamed Big Hit Music (then Big Hit Entertainment) Jin Hit Entertainment.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

Over the years, this running joke gets even funnier as fiction becomes reality. In 2020, BTS became partial HYBE owners, and now “CEO Jin” has RM’s stamp of approval!

During the broadcast, RM told Jin, “Hyung could be the next Hitman Bang.”  RM even has a new nickname for Jin: “Jin-man Bang.”  


How does Jin feel about this? “I don’t want to be,” he replied, laughing.


Why be the next Hitman Bang when you can be the first Worldwide Handsome?