BTS’s J-Hope Makes An Unexpected Visit To Jin’s “The Astronaut” Filming, Completely Surprising Jin

J-Hope got as invested in the music video’s story as ARMY did.

When BTS‘s Jin released his solo track “The Astronaut,” ARMY were incredibly emotional over the beautiful story. Coldplay‘s Chris Martin even admitted that the track is “one of our best songs,” which is why they gave it to Jin.

And, of course, the rest of BTS were immensely supportive of Jin’s incredible new song, suggesting that Jin release it in the fall.

When they first heard the track, some of the members told me that this would be a great track to release in fall…Our members have good taste in music.

—Jin, MTV News

They also flocked to Instagram to support “The Astronaut” as soon as the music video was released.

Because most of Jin’s music video was filmed in Los Angeles, it would have been difficult for the members to support him in person. But Jin was surrounded by supportive staff, professional actors he was excited to work with, and the adorable girl that played his friend in the story.

Jin | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

But the final scenes of the music video were filmed back in Seoul, and J-Hope made sure to visit the set so he could support Jin in person. In a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, J-Hope admits that it was a surprise for Jin.

J-Hope: Does Jin know I’m here? He doesn’t, right?

J-Hope | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

As Jin was immersed in the shoot, he had no idea.

Jin: Oh, J-Hope? Why are you here?


J-Hope immediately supported Jin’s visuals while filming the music video and even took his own pictures.

J-Hope: Jin! You look good!


Jin was, of course, touched by J-Hope’s unexpected but heartwarming support.


And J-Hope even took the time to watch the rough cuts of the music video, asking about the story.

J-Hope: Why did you let go?

Jin: What?

J-Hope: Why did you let the kid go?

Jin: Letting go was the concept.

J-Hope: You should have held it for her!

Jin:You’ll be fine on your own now since I held it for you all this time.” That’s how it’s like.


And when Jin expresses his gratitude for J-hope’s visit, J-Hope takes the opportunity to tease him about adding “a dance break.

Jin: J-Hope is the epitome of a good friend! You didn’t have to come.

J-Hope: Should we do a dance break now?


J-hope even brought Jin’s favorite snacks, proving just how great the relationship between BTS is.


Although J-Hope also teases Jin that another member could be coming.

Jin: It’s even more fun because I didn’t expect you to visit at all.

J-Hope: You didn’t?

Jin: Yeah.

J-Hope: Another one is on his way.

Jin: Really?

J-Hope: Giving him false hope!


There’s no denying that BTS are incredible friends who will always take the opportunity to support each other, even if Jin didn’t expect it.


You can read more about their friendship here.

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