BTS’s Jin And J-Hope Take Over RM’s Instagram For Their Own Personal Use

2seok is at it again!

Since the members of BTS created their own Instagram accounts, it has become the perfect place to update ARMYs with everything they’re doing, especially after they took an extended vacation.

Yet, it seems as if one person who has had their Instagram taken over is leader RM!


RM recently went on Instagram to share some very arty images of different sceneries, including a snowy garden, museum, and a black-and-white picture of him on a bench…

| @rkive/ Instagram
| @rkive/ Instagram
| @rkive/ Instagram

However, as cute as it was and the perfect way to share with ARMYs what RM had been doing, it seems as if the post quickly got hijacked by two of the members… and it was none other than Jin and J-Hope!

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jin (right) | @bts_twt/Twitter

After seeing the beautiful pictures, J-Hope must’ve been drawn to the video in particular that showed snowy scenery with a cat walking on it followed by footprints on the ground.

| @rkive/ Instagram
| @rkive/ Instagram 

When he saw them, J-Hope commented how unbelievable they looked. He wrote, “Are the kitty’s footprints a reality… my heart is aching.”

Ever the caring older brother, Jin soon replied with a solution to J-Hope’s aching heart. As expected from his famous humor, Jin was concise and smart, replying, “Go to the hospital.

Of course, considering how active J-Hope is on Instagram, he was quick to reply and continued the neverending saga of the 2seok wanting to go for drinks with each other. It also seems as if J-Hope didn’t want to go to the hospital as he replied, “It can’ be helped. I must have a jwan…

It was cute because the Korean word for “drink,” which is “jan” but he changed it to the name he usually calls Jin by, which is “Jwan.”

When the comments were shared, netizens couldn’t get over the fact that Jin and J-Hope had taken over RM’s Instagram post when all he wanted to do was shared the photos.

Some even joked that 2seok was back at it again. In the past, the duo has been known to get “flirty” in the Instagram comments.

It comes after the saga of strawberries where BTS’s Jin visited his uncle’s strawberry farm, which in turn made J-Hope jealous that he’d gone there without seeing him…

| @jin/ Instagram

This led to the duo reuniting as Jin kept his promise and hand-delivered some of the strawberries, which became so popular, they are now sold out.

| @uarmyhope/ Instagram

As expected, Jin and J-Hope have proved to be an iconic duo by showcasing their adorable friendship with each other. You can read more about the adventures of 2seok below!

BTS’s Jin And J-Hope Get Flirty On Instagram… Over Some Strawberries

Source: @rkive