BTS’s Jin Officially Launches South Korea’s Next Craze Since Pokémon Bread: MapleStory Bread

Maple Bread is selling out now, just as Pokémon Bread did!

The latest craze in South Korea may have just started with the help of BTS‘s Jin.

BTS’s Jin | Samsung

Recently, South Korea was taken over by Pokémon Bread fever! Everyone, including the biggest K-Pop idols, was rushing to convenience stores in hopes of collecting the stickers that come with the snack.

Naturally, Pokémon Bread became so popular that convenience stores even had to put up notices if they were out of stock. And, of course, with any high demand, resellers emerged, jacking up the prices.

BTS’s RM post on Instagram about Pokémon Bread. | @rkive/Instagram

Please sell more

— BTS RM’s caption

Game company Nexon and convenience store GS25 recently collaborated for MMORG MapleStory character bread “Maple Bread.”

MapleStory and BTS’s collaboration.
On June 25, GS25 reported that the MapleStory bread started selling out on June 17. It has been running out of maximum orders each day since. All 100,000 units of the bread, sold exclusively at GS25, were sold on the first day. The next day, the highest order quantity of 50,000 sold out. Including the stock on June 21, a total of 300,000 orders had been placed.

Like the popular Pokémon bread, Maple Bread is based on nostalgia and includes collectible stickers. The popular online game was released in 2003. With the purchase of Maple Bread, you earn stamps on the GS25 app that ultimately allows you to obtain game items.

Nonetheless, BTS member Jin may be a significant factor contributing greatly to the selling out of the MapleStory Bread.

Jin shared pictures of his purchase on the HYBE fan community platform Weverse on the same day the bread started selling out in stores. He revealed that he had joined the latest craze.

| Weverse

I went to 15 different convenience stores. I didn’t buy up all the stock [at each place] for the sake of those that come after me. I won’t have to worry about starving for the next three days. Wonky, please appear.

— Jin

It should come as no surprise, considering Jin is a huge fan of MapleStory! He’s a successful fan, too, having recently collaborated with the game as part of BTS and been selected as judge MapleStory‘s first character design awards.

Jin with Maple Story character Pink Bean toys in BTS’s trophy room. | @bts_twt/Twitter

What did come as a surprise to fans was that he went to 15 different convenience stores for the bread in hopes of obtaining a Wonky the Fairy character sticker.

Wonky the Fairy character sticker | theqoo

Jin also revealed his current sticker collection. He’s collected seven different characters as he had a few repeats.

| Weverse
| Weverse

WTB Maple Story Bread. I got three of some weird poisonous snail creatures that I’m seeing for the first time.

— Jin

Since Jin’s post, Mable Bread’s popularity has only increased. GS25’s production of Maple Bread is struggling to keep up with its demand. So, orders have been limited to a maximum of five and only one for each type as of June 18. Still, they are in discussion on ways to increase production.

Source: Naver