BTS’s Jungkook Gives An Unexpected Reaction To Fans’ Apology

He has the kindest heart.

BTS‘s Jungkook recently returned to Weverse after almost a month of inactivity. On May 25, KST, he hosted an hour-long livestream, much to the delight of ARMY.

A few months ago, the BTS maknae made headlines after deleting his Instagram account out of nowhere and explaining his reason on Weverse. The singer said he deleted it because he was not using the platform at all and he would instead use Weverse to communicate with fans more often.

Though initially, ARMYs were sad to lose his Instagram, they quickly realized it was a blessing in disguise. Jungkook kept his word and started doing frequent livestreams on Weverse, spending hours hanging out with fans, singing karaoke, doing mukbang, or sharing his recipes.

Amidst this wholesomeness, during one livestream, Jungkook had to call out sasaeng fans who had apparently followed him to his gym. He made it clear that he didn’t appreciate the behavior, even though he is thankful for people giving him so much attention. Fans were upset that he was stalked in this manner and felt sorry that his kindness was being repaid with harassment from a few people.

But things escalated rapidly after a “fan” sent food delivery to Jungkook’s house. He wrote a stern post on Weverse, warning people not to go to such extents, and stated that he would be taking strict action next time. ARMYs were even more enraged that his privacy was still being violated after multiple polite requests from his side.

| Weverse

Please don’t send delivery food to my house
I’m not going to eat it anyway.
I’m thankful for the thought, but I can eat well on my own.
So take care of your own meals, I beg you.
If you send it one more time, I will check the receipt order number and take action.
So stop it.

— BTS’s Jungkook

Coincidentally or not, Jungkook didn’t host a livestream after that incident for weeks. Fans felt that his absence implied that he was upset with the sasaeng incidents.

So, when he returned to Weverse with a livestream on May 25, some ARMYs planned to post comments apologizing to him. Jungkook noticed the comments, and his response couldn’t be more adorable.

The singer read the phrase, “We’re so sorry” out loud but was puzzled as to why people were saying it in the comments. In the end, he thought that it was a song title that fans were requesting him to cover.

Despite his privacy being violated so many times, the fact that Jungkook didn’t even realize why people were apologizing to him in the comments clearly implies that he doesn’t hold any sour feelings against ARMYs in his heart. Fans are touched deeply by his kindness and couldn’t be more grateful.


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