Jungkook Nicknames A New Hyung Line In BTS, Here’s What It Means 

They all have one thing in common.

BTS‘s Golden Maknae is artistic, athletic, musically gifted, and utterly charming. What more could he want?


Today, Jungkook hosted a surprise solo broadcast from his Las Vegas hotel room. Here, he chatted about the GRAMMYs, his magical dreams, members, and more.

Left to right: BTS’s RM, Jin, and Suga

At one point, Jungkook told fans that the water in Las Vegas affects his skin differently than the water in South Korea. Las Vegas water irritates his sensitive skin, drying out the area above his eyebrows. RMJin, and Suga, on the other hand, have much more resilient skin.

For instance, when RM and Jin wash up, they can put any lotion or cream on their faces. Jungkook doesn’t have that luxury. He has to use his usual skin products to avoid irritation.

Jungkook referred to his tough-skinned members as “skin gangsters.” In this context, “gangster” doesn’t mean “criminal.” Rather, it emphasizes just how tough RM, Jin, and Suga’s skin is. By calling them skin gangsters, Jungkook is complimenting their savagely strong, beautiful skin.

ARMYs are now welcoming this new hyung (older brother) line with open arms!

Dear skin gangsters, please reveal your skincare secrets! We need to know.

| BigHit Music/Facebook