BTS’s Jungkook Gives Qatar Fans A Thoughtful Treat To Beat The Hot Weather As They Waited For Him

He sent a staff member to deliver it to the fans.

As soon as BTS‘s Jungkook touched down in Qatar, fans welcomed the idol with open arms. Despite how surprised they were to see him, they soon discovered the schedules he’d planned for his trip to the country.

While going about his schedules, fans praised Jungkook for the kind way he treated every fan he encountered. In fact, a recent moment has gained attention for how caring the idol truly is.


During one of his schedules, fans continued to show their support by waiting outside at a distance. Because the sun was high in the sky and the weather was hot, the idol was worried about fans and sent a staff member to deliver something useful.

To make sure fans were properly hydrated, Jungkook bought bottles of water for fans to enjoy. The staff member hand out the cold drinks to the fans.

A fan was so touched by the caring act that they shared the moment on Twitter and TikTok, which received just as much love from fellow ARMYs.

No matter where he goes, Jungkook will always go above and beyond to treat ARMYs kindly.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

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