BTS’s Jungkook Returns From His Trip To Qatar, Gaining Attention For His Adorable Interactions With ARMYs

He was greeted by ARMYs and the media!

When it comes to idols and global schedules, one of the most exciting parts is seeing artists at the airport interacting with fans and the media. Recently, BTS‘s Jungkook returned to Korea from Qatar, and he truly shined.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

Earlier in the week, Jungkook shocked fans when he was pictured leaving Korea to go to Qatar for solo schedules.

During the past few days, ARMYs have been blessed with pictures from Jungkook in Qatar. Despite the pictures being LQ, Jungkook’s treatment toward ARMYs shined in every way.

After a surprise arrival, ARMYs and the media were more prepared for Jungkook’s return. On October 27, media outlets reported that Jungkook would be returning and, as expected, the crowds were much bigger than his departure.

As the car arrived and people exited with luggage, the fans and media got more excited to get a peek at Jungkook.

Eventually, everyone spotted Jungkook coming out of the doors and although it seemed like his manager might have told him to get to the car, the idol made sure to greet everyone.

As soon as he was outside, he put his huge carry-on bag down and made sure to bow to everyone that was waiting. Just like his departure, his manners are impeccable as he made sure to bow to everyone, even adjusting his position to greet everyone.

Even with the bright lights of the flashes, Jungkook even threw some finger hearts to fans. If that wasn’t cute enough, the hearts seemingly got bigger as he created a huge one with his arms.

Considering how cute he was, it isn’t surprising that the cheers from ARMYs were truly something.

Jungkook then picked up his bag and, even as he was walking to the car (backward so his back wasn’t away from fans), he kept bowing and waving. His waves also got continuously bigger as they became sweeping greetings to fans.

Hilariously, as he got to the car, he stopped momentarily before raising his arms to hype the crowd up again and he received huge cheers from fans.

Even as he stepped into the car and the door started shutting, he made sure to get a few last waves in for fans who had waited for him. He then opened the window again to give ARMYs one last wave.

Of course, the Korean media and fans made sure to take pictures of the idol looking adorable in his outfit and radiating boyfriend vibes.

| @ByMySide_KookV/Twitter

When Jungkook left, ARMYs couldn’t get over just how cute Jungkook was. Despite a long schedule and traveling, he made sure to greet the press and ARMYs in the cutest way ever.

As always, Jungkook’s presence is always known, and the idol proves his true personality when interacting with fans and media, no matter his schedule or how tired he might be.

You can read about his trip to Qatar below.

BTS’s Jungkook Gains Attention For The Way He Treats ARMYs In These Unedited Moments From Qatar

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