BTS Reveals Why Their McDonald’s Collaboration Is So Meaningful To Them

Humble kings!

BTS‘s collaboration with McDonald’s, known as the BTS Meal, isn’t just a meal. Check out what the members had to say about being genuine fans of McDonald’s since they were young and what the collaboration truly means to them!

BTS x McDonald’s | Narrative Media Group

RM shared he feels so honored to have their own favorite meal name after them and shared with the world.

Even the special packaging has an important meaning and is customized with BTS’s signature purple color, representing their love for fans.

Each of the members has their own story of McDonald’s in their lives, including when they were trainees and lived near a 24-hour McDonald’s they frequented during their early years.

We truly have so many memories and connections, mentally or physically, so many connections with McDonald’s.

— RM

J-Hope also revealed that he’s proud to collaborate with a brand that he’s loved since he was young.

From the variety of the menu to the Happy Meal toys…

…J-Hope is thrilled with the collaboration!

The feeling is mutual for McDonald’s who recently shared how working with “true fans” of the brand created an authentic and exciting collaboration. Check out what they said about the collaboration below!

McDonald’s Explains Why The “BTS Meal” Is The Perfect New Partnership