The BTS Members Share Their Best McDonald’s Stories From The Past

Which member ate McDonald’s every single day in high school?

BTS recently shared their memories of growing up eating McDonald’s to get fans excited for their newly-released collaboration, the BTS Meal.

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Jin shared that originally, the boys lived near a McDonald’s when they were trainees.

There was a McDonald’s about 10 minutes away from our dorm where we used to live before we debuted.

— Jin

Since it was open 24 hours, it became a hot spot for the members to eat and catch up at any time of the day amidst their busy trainee life.

It’s open 24 hours, so we would go there when we were hungry, and we’d ask each other, ‘How was your day?’ and have a good time.

— Jin

The franchise held a lot of memories for BTS in their predebut years…

…and Jungkook revealed he even misses those times!

Jimin, however, mostly associates McDonald’s with his high school years.

During his long commute, he would always make sure to stop at McDonald’s.

There was a McDonald’s at the express bus terminal, so I would always, always eat there, every day heading to my afternoon classes.

— Jimin

Suga associates it with his family…

…and was reminded of how his parents would bribe him with the idea of McDonald’s fries!

When you’re young, if your parents tell you to tag along to the mall, by saying they would get me McDonald’s fries, then I would go!

— Suga

Because of these memories, the McDonald’s collaboration is more than just a meal to BTS. Check out what else they had to say about it below!

BTS Reveals Why Their McDonald’s Collaboration Is So Meaningful To Them


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