BTS Might Have Revealed The Meaning Behind Their “BE” Album Title 4 Years Ago

The answer might “BE” found in “Bon Voyage”.

BTS‘s new album is coming next month, and as always, fans have theories about what to expect.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook

When Big Hit Entertainment first announced BE, ARMY put on their detective caps and began to investigate the meaning behind the title.

Could it be the conclusion of the LOVE YOURSELF series, “BE YOURSELF”, or a code?

BTS might have revealed the meaning behind BE long before they began working on the album, back in 2016. In an episode of their travel show Bon VoyageRM talked about CEO Bang Si Hyuk‘s touching letter to the group, and their plans to create their a self-produced album someday.

There will come a day they don’t have to do this for us. That we’ll create our own album from beginning to end. When that happens, [Bang Si Hyuk] said that he’ll really be like a closer older brother.

— RM

Does that mean BE stands for “Beginning to End”? We won’t have to wait long to find out! BE drops on November 20, 2020.


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