Here’s What The BTS Members Have Actually Been Up To During Their Break

The secrets are out now!

Ever since their recent concerts in LA, the BTS members have been on an extended, well-deserved break. However, according to RM, Suga, and Jimin, that doesn’t mean they stopped getting things done!

First and foremost, the members took care of their health. From quarantine to surgeries, the long break is a perfect time to settle any health-related issues.

Many of the members also worked on music…

…and have even shown updates of their studio and more. J-Hope has been teasing ARMYs for quite some time about all of his time spent in his studio!

J-Hope’s Studio | @uarmyhope/Instagram

This next very obvious answer is exactly what everyone should do on their break: Get a lot of rest and eat delicious food!

Luckily, eating and preparing delicious food is part of Jin‘s Instagram aesthetic.

| @Jin/Instagram

Different members have also spent some time receiving lessons for a variety of things…

…including Jungkook who’s been showing off his dance lessons lately!

Plus, V‘s been sharpening his trumpet skills!

| @thv/Instagram

Jimin‘s been sharpening his English skills…

…and RM‘s been planning to get those driving lessons!

Additionally, Jimin tried a brand new perm hairstyle.

The results are in: He looks like a cute tennis player!

It seems the last thing to do on break is take some tennis lessons!