BTS Reveal How They Split Parts And How Teamwork Plays An Important Role

Teamwork makes the dream work!

For the eighth volume of BTS’s Japan Fanclub magazine, the members covered a variety of different topics from Jungkook’s wish to perform together forever, creating imaginary islands for ARMYs, daily routines, and more.

For the ‘All the members special interview’ section, the members expressed when they felt that the group was special.

Suga felt that they could always trust one another when it came to album recordings or music video filming. “I can trust and put everything in the members’ hands when it comes to album recordings or music video filming. I trust that they can do it well and the results always come out great too. We are able to match perfectly regardless of who is in front and who is in back of me. I Surprisingly, I think this is what our group calls teamwork.”

J-Hope, who previously expressed his thoughts about part distribution, added, “Each person’s role is already assigned so everyone knows very well what they have to do.”

In terms of part distribution, Jungkook stated, “For part distribution, the part naturally goes to the person that matches the best with it.”

Jin agreed that because each member has their own distinct style, it’s only natural for the person with the best fit to take the part. “All our members have distinct voices, so depending on the style of the song; it goes to the person that matches the vibe the best.”

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

If someone feels worried or anxious, they also make sure to make this known to the other members. Jungkook commented, “Even if we are going through something personal, we all discuss about the issue together. That is how we can come to a decision faster and create a deeper bond with one another.”

BTS proves time and time again that it doesn’t matter how many lines they have in a song. Teamwork is the most important factor for the group and is what keep them going in this journey together as BTS!