BTS’s RM Confesses To Stealing Suga’s Food At The Worst Possible Time 

This food fight is second only to the “War of the Dumpling”.

Jimin and V‘s “War of the Dumpling” is legendary, but they aren’t the only BTS members who have had a food fight.

In the latest episode of BTS’s Break The Silence docuseries, the members discuss future retirement, their fears about disbanding, and more, but this sobfest is balanced out with funny stories.

After having a good laugh about the infamous dumpling incident, Jin brought up the time RM stole Suga‘s food.

It happened at the worst possible time: when Suga was recovering from surgery!

In December 2013, Suga’s appendix burst while BTS was promoting in Japan. He was rushed back to Korea to have emergency surgery. Fun fact: appendicitis didn’t stop Suga from working on BTS’s 2014 album, Skool Luv Affair!

During his recovery, Suga had to eat before taking his medicine. One day, he ordered black pork hot pot rice to eat in the practice studio.

Suga left his food unguarded just for a moment, but that was more than enough time for RM to swoop in and devour a third of his rice!

The moral of this story? Trust no one. Injury or no injury, when hunger strikes, it’s every man for himself!

Suga just can’t catch a break, can he?

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