When BTS’s RM Couldn’t Promise A “DTS” Snow Duck Comeback, “Santa Claus” Jin Had The Perfect Gift

Jin is the gift that keeps on giving!

Each year, everyone looks forward to Christmas and the holidays to spend time with their loved ones. However, for BTS fans, the appearance of winter and snow means one thing… RM‘s DTS (Ducktan Sonyeondan).

BTS’s RM | Weverse

For those who don’t know what DTS is, in January 2021, RM posted an adorable picture on Weverse of seven snow ducks he had made using molds. He was so excited about it after explaining that he had to wait a whole year for the snow to arrive to make them…

DTS | Weverse

Of course, the ducks didn’t last long and melted as soon as the weather started to heat up.

Ah yes, DTS. I produced them, but they seem to be a bit weak now since the weather is getting hot again. My heart hurt seeing them getting weak and disappearing. When they can come back in about a year, I will introduce them again to you all.

— RM

Unfortunately, not soon after, he revealed that his snow mold had broken… adding that because of the damage, whenever he used it, the ducks came out half-made or dis-proportioned. But he did promise to buy a new one for the next time it snowed.


Yet, fast forward to December 2021, and he went on Weverse after returning from America to explain that he still didn’t have a new mold which is why DTS hasn’t made their comeback!

The snow duck mold broke last year so im currently not able to make any…

— RM

| Weverse

Luckily, there is someone who is always on hand to solve problems and make sure that both his members and ARMYs are happy, and it’s BTS’s Jin! During the season of goodwill, Jin has cemented himself as Santa Claus bringing gifts.

After RM posted his DTS update, Jin replied to the post, “Shall I order one for you?

| Weverse

It was pointed out that the reply was written in formal speech, so whether Jin is Santa Claus…


Or just cementing his obligation as CEO of “Jin Hit Entertainment…”

There is no doubt that Jin is always there for his members to make sure they have everything they want.

However, it isn’t the first time Jin has been on hand to give RM whatever he needs. Earlier in the year, after RM complained about the bikes in the city being uncomfortable, Jin promised to buy him a new bike… And stuck to that promise on RM’s birthday after gifting him a brand new bike!


Fans definitely need to see DTS because RM even promised a new twist as he revealed, “they’ll become the villains,” which means we can all look forward to evil DTS this winter!


Hopefully, when all of the members finish their quarantine, Jin can buy RM his duck mold, and ARMYs can be treated to the comeback of DTS before the weather turns warm. You can read more about Jin being the giver of gifts below.

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Source: Weverse