BTS’s RM Gets Real About The Pressures Of The Group’s Role As Representatives Of The Asian Community At The White House

RM got real about the hardships!

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has seen their fame and influence grow to unexpected heights. Through the members’ hard work, BTS has become showcased their global influence at some of the biggest global events to discuss important subjects.

Yet, RM recently opened up about the pressures he sometimes feels, especially when it comes to their influence.


On May 31, BTS met with U.S. President Joe Biden to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes, the importance of Asian inclusion, and more.

The group publically appeared in front of reporters at Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre‘s press briefing, which began just after 2:30 PM (ET). During the meeting, all the members discussed topics on the subject, and RM was no different, explaining the importance of the meeting.

 We’re BTS, and it is a great honor to be invited to The White House today to discuss important issues of anti-Asian hate crimes, Asian inclusion, and diversity.

— RM

BTS speaking at the press briefing at the White House | The White House/Twitter

The group then met President Biden and the politician couldn’t stop praising the members. President Joe Biden explained to BTS that so many people care about their words and the influence they have.

People care a lot about what you say, and what you’re doing is good for all people.

It’s not just your great talent, it’s the message you’re communicating.

It matters.

— President Joe Biden

| The White House/YouTube 

Yet, in a recent interview that RM did with Pharrel Williams for Rolling Stone, the idol shared some of his worries and insecurities about the pressures of being seen to represent the Asian Community.

BTS’s RM (right) and Pharrell (left) | Rolling Stone

During the interview, both RM and Pharrel were talking about their careers, and the BTS leader touched upon how surprising the chance to be at the U.N. and meeting the president was.

As a team, we’ve been to the U.N., and we also met President Biden. We never thought these things [would happen].

— RM

BTS and President Biden | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Yet, he also shared the burden that came with that as the members continuously got labeled as representing the “Asian Community,” especially as the recent event was on the topic of Asian hate.

But I think naturally we became one of the representatives from the Asian community. I’m always thinking to myself, ‘Am I that good? Do I deserve all the responsibilities?’ And I’m really doubting myself.

— RM

| The White House/YouTube 

Yet, in the video interview, Pharrell also emphasized just how much BTS is doing at a time when Asians across the world have been suffering a lot of hate.

I love what it is that you represent at such a time when our Asian brothers and sisters and fellow Asian human beings, who might not identify in a binary way, are going through so much. The Asian community has been going through so much, and the Asian community has given me so much. I feel like your energy, you’re also showing artists, period, that you can be humble.

— Pharrell

If that wasn’t enough, Pharrel even shared that it was BTS’s energy and personality that also truly shone.

Your guys’ energy is a lot of humility you all vibrate, I think that’s a great energy.

— Pharrel

RM has never been afraid to showcase his vulnerability when it comes to the topic of the group. Whether it’s the pressures of their popularity or the “laws” of K-Pop, RM wears his heart on his sleeve and shows that idols are human.

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