BTS’s RM Opens Up About Why He Gets Nervous For Concerts, Proving His Love For ARMY

He is always thinking about his fans.

Every ARMY fortunate enough to have been able to attend a BTS concert is familiar with the incredible energy that BTS brings to the stage for their every performance.

But even though BTS has held many concerts throughout the years, including at gigantic venues in front of large crowds, BTS’s RM admits that he gets nervous before every concert.

The idol recently sat down with Pharrell for Rolling Stone to talk about their upcoming collaboration and discuss the realities of being a musician.

RM and Pharrell | @rkive/Instagram

While RM shows his love for Pharrell, who he has admired since he became a musician, Pharrell also expresses his admiration for BTS, especially with how they stay humble despite their immense popularity. Pharrell explains that he has always been afraid of becoming too popular and asks RM if he’s ever felt similarly.

Pharrell: What people don’t realize is when you have, you know, literally, hundreds of millions of fans and you encounter them, twenty and fifty and one-hundred-thousand at a time.

RM: Can’t notice a single face. It’s just a mass.

Pharrell: It’s a mass, and it is a massive voice, and it is a massive, using that word mass, it is a massive energy coming at you. And you say, “Jump…”

RM: And they jump.

Pharrell: And they jump. And you sing, and they sing every word.

RM: Right.

Pharrell: And you can feel through their voices that so many of their lives have been affected and changed because of something that you’ve done. I don’t know how you do that. Because I had a couple songs do that, and when I get out there and go sing it, that would make me cry cause it was too much of a responsibility. Every time I get that close to that size and what I do as a musician, I always step back.

RM: Oh, why? Is it too heavy? Too much?

Pharrell: It’s too heavy, man. It’s too much of a responsibility.

RM admits that he always feels nervous before concerts, but once he begins performing, he can become a “different me persona” for the concert.

| @rkive/Instagram

Still, before RM can perform, he feels nervous, wanting fans to enjoy the concert to the fullest since he knows how many of them travel from around the world just to see their concerts.

RM: But before that, from the rehearsal, and even in the plane, I got really nervous and [feel] so responsible because I really am aware of the stories. Fans buy the tickets, and they come from Brazil, from Japan, Korea, from everywhere. They just come there for just that one night. So it fills me like, “I have to pay back. I have to give them… I have to offer them the best night ever in their lives.” So it’s a mass, and it’s too much energy.

| @rkive/Instagram

RM explains that although he gets nervous and overwhelmed, he does his best to cope since he truly appreciates ARMY’s love and wants to give it back to them.

RM: But I’m a human, and I really get nervous. And I really sometimes get depressed by and even get swallowed by all the energies. But I’m trying, and I try to deal with it cause I’m a human, and I love the music, I love their love because I think love is really happening when we give somebody, not when we receive. So I think it’s closer to the real love, I guess, personally. I just want to give them [the love] back. They brought us from just a small city in Korea all the way back to the heart of this music industry. Las Vegas, L.A, New York, me having an interview with Pharrell, it could happen because of fans all over the world. I’m just always grateful, and I don’t want to disappoint them.

But any ARMY would agree that RM’s performances could never disappoint; fans are just excited to see him perform and cheer him on as best they can.

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Source: Rolling Stone

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