BTS’s RM And Suga, Epik High’s Tablo, And The Rose’s Woosung Are Hoping To Hang Out In Las Vegas

They’re all good friends!

BTS‘s RM and Suga, Epik High‘s Tablo, and The Rose‘s Woosung are hoping to meet up while they’re all in Las Vegas, Nevada.

BTS’s RM (left) and Suga (right).
From left: Mithra Jin, Tablo, and DJ Tukutz of Epik High. | @blobyblo/Twitter
The Rose’s Woosung

Tablo hosted a Twitter Spaces on April 8 to speak about Epik High’s 2022 Coachella performance. The group is also on their 2022 North America Tour 2022 EPIK HIGH IS HERE.

So, naturally, the topic of their tour came up during the Twitter Spaces. Epik High just so happens to be performing the same weekend as BTS’s first couple of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in Las Vegas.

Epik High’s members, particularly Tablo, are very close with BTS’s RM and Suga. Tablo often speaks highly of BTS, and likewise, the members show their support by publicly streaming Epik High and shouting them out. Suga, Tablo, and Eric Nam once even started a book club together!

So, Tablo revealed during his Twitter Spaces that he has been hoping to meet up with friends RM and Suga as they’re both in Las Vegas along with The Rose’s Woosung, who is currently the opener for Epik High’s tour. Woosung, too, is friends with Suga.

…meet RM and Suga and hang out, but I don’t think scheduling works ’cause Woosung who is on tour with us—he’s our amazing opener, and he’s also friends with Suga. So, we were talking about like meeting up to just eat or something, but I don’t know if the scheduling works for either side…

— Tablo

Unfortunately, their busy schedules make it difficult to meet up easily, but hopefully, these friends can at least make time for a meal to catch up!

Source: Twitter

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