BTS’s RM Sweeps Panelists Off Their Feet With His Clever Wordplay In The Trailer Of “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge”

He’s just a simple guy, stealing hearts on a regular Tuesday.

BTS‘s RM will be seen MC-ing the new season of TvN‘s popular show The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge together with film director Jang Hang Jun. The show released a long trailer today, November 18, KST.

RM with his co-MC Jang Hang Jun

The trailer comprised highlight moments from different episodes, and RM was seen interacting freely with the other four cast members—novelist Kim Young Ha, physicist Kim Sang Wook, forensic scientist turned professor Lee Ho, and astronomer, Dr. Shim Chae Kyung. For each episode, these six personalities engage in conversations about a different topic, and the trailer gave viewers some generous sneak peek into what to expect from the content.

| @tvn_joy/Instagram

During one such discussion, RM joked that he was probably fated to be the MC of the show. Why? Because his nickname is RM, R for “Arsseursinjab” (the acronym of the show’s Korean title), and M for “MC.”

Honestly, what’s funny is that after the teaser was out…you know my nickname is RM right? They said it was fate…It’s an abbreviation of R-sseursinjab MC…[they said] you knew this and that’s why you made it your nickname.


This wordplay cracked up the five other cast members immediately. Fans didn’t fail to note that even in a room full of geniuses, RM shines so naturally with his wit and laid-back appeal. Some joked that the panelists are no better than ARMYs, who are down too bad for the idol.

The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge is set to air its first episode on December 2 at 8:50 pm KST. You can watch the full trailer here: