BTS Fans Call For Changes To JTBC’s “In the SOOP” Editing For V 

They aren’t happy with the way V was portrayed.

Fans are calling for changes to be made, following the premiere of BTS‘s new show, In the SOOP. 

| Video: Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse, Photo edit: @myaprilss/

In the SOOP follows BTS as they relax at a luxurious lakehouse, playing games, sharing delicious meals, and more. Each of the show’s eight episodes will have two different versions: one is aired on JTBC for the general public, and the other is uploaded to the Weverse app as paid content for fans.

JTBC’s episodes are 60 minutes long, while Weverse’s episodes (packed with “bonus” content) are 80 minutes. As such, In the SOOP’s production team has had to choose which scenes to include and which to cut out of the JTBC episodes.


After comparing the two versions of Episode 1, some fans are unhappy about the differences. They say that too many of V‘s scenes were left out of the JTBC version. As such, they feel that his portrayal on the show is not true to who he is in real life.

Fans know that V is a warm, playful person who deeply loves his members and has a wonderful sense of humor. Sometimes, he quietly listens and observes the people around him, but this calmness came off as coldness due to the show’s editing.

According to fans, this is especially problematic because V has an unfortunate history of being left out of official promotions, beginning with his debut as BTS’s “hidden member“.

They are now asking for changes to be made, and for BTS’s members to be given equal screentime in the upcoming In the SOOP episodes.

| Video: Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse, Photo edit: @myaprilss/