Why Does BTS’s Suga Always Wear The Number 3 On His Jerseys? It’s Because Of One Man

We finally know why it’s his favorite number!

It was a dream come true for BTS‘s Suga when he was appointed ambassador for the NBA (National Basketball Association).

BTS’s Suga | NBA

He has been a lifelong lover of basketball. He not only has watched the NBA for years, but he also loves playing the sport. Even his stage name, Suga, is derived from his position as “Shooting Guard.”

Whenever Suga has the opportunity, he attends games. The teams often gift him a custom jersey with the number “3” on it, usually with his name. Even before then, Suga often wore jerseys with this number.

| NBA & NHL & BIGHIT MUSIC via @winnttaebear/Twitter

ARMYs have assumed that the number was Suga’s favorite or “lucky” number. Yet, we have never known the true origin behind his affinity for it.

Recently, Suga was interviewed for SiriusXM. During it, he was asked about his favorite NBA team and/or player. He explained that growing up, he was a fan of Allen Iverson and currently Damian Lillard.

I grew up watching the NBA, I didn’t have a specific team I rooted for but I did have a favorite player. When I first started playing basketball, I idolized one player and that’s Allen Iverson.

— Suga

| SiriusXM

The interviewer then asked about the “3” on Suga’s jerseys. The rapper’s love for the number began with Allen Iverson, who is known to have worn the number.


Interviewer: You mentioned Allen Iverson, he’s number 3. You’re traveling to basketball games all over the country, and all the teams are gifting you jersey with the number 3 on it. What’s the significance of the number 3 to you? Is it because of Allen Iverson?

Suga: That’s one reason. I also like the number 3. But I think I started liking the number 3 because of Allen Iverson.

Allen Iverson

Watch the full interview below.

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