BTS’s Suga Gives Update On His Condition During Surprise “BE” Comeback Live Appearance

Even the BTS members weren’t expecting him to show up.

BTS‘s Suga is currently on hiatus due to his shoulder surgery, but he shocked everyone today—including the BTS members themselves—when he made a surprise appearance on their comeback live broadcast. Alongside greeting fans, he also gave a new update on his condition and recovery.

Suga hurt his shoulder in an accident while working a part-time job before debut, and the old injury began to resurface recently. Fans noticed the rapper looking uncomfortable during the group’s Map of the Soul ON:E online concert in October, but it was still a shock when Korean media revealed Suga had undergone shoulder surgery in secret this month.

Thankfully, Suga and the rest of BTS have been keeping ARMYs well-posted with plenty of updates on his condition. In a recent live broadcast on YouTube, Jimin told fans that Suga’s procedure was successful, revealing that the surgery was a preventative measure to stop the injury from getting worse.


Prior to that, Suga assured fans that the surgery went well in a letter on Weverse. He also let everyone know that he’d be missing some upcoming schedules—including BTS’s comeback live broadcast today.

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BTS just released their new album BE, complete with title track “Life Goes On”, and they decided to celebrate with fans by hosting their first comeback broadcast in nine months. Sadly, Suga wasn’t there in person—but he did shock everyone by preparing a special message.


In his clip, which played before the live broadcast started, Suga revealed that even the BTS members didn’t know he recorded his own segment. The rapper told ARMYs how happy he was to greet them, and said he’s currently doing great.


Later, he got on a phone call with the BTS members to share a moment with fans live. During the chat, he delved a little more into his condition, noting that he currently can’t use his left arm. Suga underwent surgery a little over two weeks ago; it’s common for shoulder surgery patients to wear a sling and refrain from heavy movements for up to six weeks.


That said, Suga once again assured ARMYs that he’s in the process of recovery. He also revealed that next week, he’ll be starting rehab. According to medical guidance, shoulder rehabilitation programs generally last for four to six weeks, though they can be longer or shorter depending on the specific patient at hand.