BTS’s Suga Loves Cats As Much As You Think He Does, But There’s Something Stopping Him From Getting One

We never would have expected this…

Suga, Min Yoongi, Agust D. The man goes by many names, including “Lil Meow Meow, a nickname given to him by ARMY due to his uncanny resemblance to cats.

BTS’s Suga (left) and a cat (right) | @YOONMINED/Twitter

If you search “suga with cats” on Google, you’ll see numerous side-by-side photo comparisons of Suga and cats. There is no denying the similarities, that’s for sure.

Screenshot of Google search for “suga with cats.” | Google

Still, when you continue scrolling, you continue to find these comparison photos rather than actual photos of Suga with a cat. While you can find photos of the other members with cats, it seems impossible to find one of Suga, which seems rather ironic, considering he is “Lil Meow Meow” after all.

| @aesthetic_jeonn/Twitter

It provokes one to wonder, “does he perhaps not like cats?” No, that’s not the case. Suga has voiced his love for the felines many times before.

BTS ARMY Zip Fairy Tale interview with Suga. | Big Hit Music

In fact, he even admired the on-set cat during the filming of some recent episodes of Run BTS! while others were playing with it.

In a new behind-the-scenes video of Run BTS! in their filming of episodes 144-147, Suga and Jin, who were revealed to be the guilty party during this mafia game, are talking about V. Throughout the episodes, the members were suspicious of him as the “thief” since he seemed “disinterested” in the game. One of the main causes of their suspicion was that he stopped to play with a cat for 5 minutes.

Just look at him! How suspicious is that? He is not even playing the game!

— Suga

| Run BTS!

Suga had told Jin that V seemed suspicious for playing with a cat. You’d think Suga would be empathetic as he’s also an animal-lover. Yet, Jin was the one to defend V and say, “You can’t say ‘no’ to a cat.” 

| Run BTS!

Suga realized his ex-roommate and fellow thief had a point. He admitted, “That’s true. Cats are too adorable.” 

| Run BTS!

We hoped we would have seen the members then go interact with the cat themselves too, but alas, they did not. In another clip, we actually see Suga declined an invitation to play with the cat.

| Run BTS!

To our shock, he actually said, “I can’t pet the cat.” Now, we’re wondering, has Suga perhaps been allergic to cats this entire time? That might be why we don’t see pictures of him with cats.

| Run BTS!

Jimin recently revealed that he is allergic to cats, which shocked ARMY since, unlike Suga, he actually has lots of photos of and videos of him playing with cats. Perhaps, Suga’s allergies are more severe.

Jimin in “Serendipity” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

We’re not sure what to believe anymore. ARMYs are completely shocked by the possibility that Suga might be allergic to cats.

If it is truly the case that our Lil Meow Meow is allergic to cats, it would at least explain why he prefers to watch cat videos online rather than own a cat.

| Big Hit Music

You can watch the behind-the-scenes clip from Run BTS! below: