BTS’s Suga Responds To Fan Asking Him To Speak English During Weverse Live

He was straightforward in his response.

During the past few months, ARMYs have been raising concerns over the lack of proper fan etiquette on Weverse when the BTS members do livestreams. One of the many comments being flagged as inappropriate is where the members are asked to speak in English.

The BTS members themselves have called out a few problematic patterns in the Weverse comments during their lives, including RM and V. When J-Hope did a live broadcast before his enlistment, he also got multiple requests to speak English and responded with apparent frustration.

Suga is known to be one of the kindest and most patient people with his fans during his livestreams. He never hesitates to fulfill requests, whether ARMYs ask him to show his hands,

lift his guitar,

or send a flying kiss,

Suga always seems happy to oblige. But this time, he had to pull the brakes.

After finishing up his Chicago concerts, Suga did a brief live broadcast to greet fans and talk about his recent shows. He started responding to the comments when he noticed one asking him to speak English.

Speak English, please.

—Suga reading a comment during his livestream

Suga looked unfazed by the rude request but responded sternly in Korean that he did not want to speak in English.

I don’t want to. I will speak in Korean.

—Suga’s response

While ARMYs are satisfied with the fact that Suga replied to the fan with his brutal honesty, the concern about worsening fan etiquette on Weverse continues to be a pressing issue among them.