Here’s How V’s Angel Helped Him Write BTS’s “Blue & Grey” 

Who needs a muse, when you have an angel?

BTS‘s song “Blue & Grey” has touched the hearts of millions. Now, is sharing the story behind its most famous lyric, “Where is my angel?” 

V | Big Hit Entertainment

In a new “BE-hind Story” video, Suga asked V about his favorite part in “Blue & Grey”, a song from BE that was originally intended for V’s solo mixtape. While working on “Blue & Grey”, V turned to a trusty muse: his angel.

When I was first coming up with the melody, I tried singing it once. As you already know, I believe in my angel. So I believe in my angel, and when I was working on my guide track, I thought, ‘I should hum the melody like this,’ and I started humming, and I said this phrase, ‘Where’s my angel?’ And I loved the phrase.

— V

Many fans are already familiar with V’s angel because of BTS’s variety show Run BTS!. When playing games with his members, V often asks his angel for help and, more often than not, the angel leads him to victory.

While writing “Blue & Grey”, V asked his angel for assistance, but that assistance came to him in a way he did expect. Rather than words, the angel used silence to inspire him.

Every time when I’m thinking about something or have to make a decision, I picture this imaginary being of an angel. I close my eyes and start thinking, and I was doing that at the time too in hopes that this angel will soon listen to my feelings. But the angel wasn’t listening, so I asked, ‘Where is my angel?’ and that kind of felt good.

— V

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