BTS’s V Chooses New Vogue Korea Picture To Be Turned Into A “Simpsons” Character By Some Of The Most Talented People He Knows…ARMYs

ARMYs are so talented!

BTS has shown time and time again that their favorite search engine isn’t NAVER or Google, but the millions of ARMYs they’ve got right behind them. V isn’t one to shy away from asking for ARMY’s opinions and suggestions.

| @_nuna_v/Twitter

Just last week he posted on Weverse asking where his birthday project events were set up around the city so he could go and visit.

| @thv/Instagram

Now it looks like he’s taking to Weverse to ask a favor. Just like he did back in 2019, V is asking ARMYs to turn himself into a The Simpsons character once again!

| @bts_twt/Twitter

He must be looking to hang another piece of art in his home because we know he loved the previous one!

The reference photo this time? This iconic piece of art from the “BTS Special” Edition of Vogue Korea.

| Vogue Korea

Is there anyone who can make this into a Simpson..

—V, Weverse

ARMYs did not disappoint as artist ARMYs—and even those aren’t as artistically inclined—ran to their sketchbooks to turn V into a Simpson. The results? Dynamite.

They even included Yeontan in this one!

ARMYs are truly so talented, and you can see how each one is different according to their drawing styles.

There was a handful of submissions on the Weverse feed as well!

| k00kiechimm/Weverse

That attention to detail??

Even fellow ARMYs were impressed by the outpouring of talent on Twitter and Weverse!

We’re sure V loved every single one of these and was grateful for ARMYs using their talents for his request. We wonder if we’ll be seeing any of these hung up in his apartment any time soon!

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