BTS’s V Has Officially Forgotten His MBTI Type

At this point, V’s MBTI is whatever he says it is!

BTS‘s V may have made headlines when he announced that his MBTI type changed, but he already forgot what it changed to!

BTS’s V | Naver

Back in October 2021, V revealed that his MBTI type had changed from ENFP to INFP. Although both of these personality types are highly intuitive and creative, INFPs are more introverted than ENFPs. V previously attributed his switch from extroversion to introversion to “growing pains.”

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He also explained how switching from an ENFP to an INFP has impacted his songwriting process in an interview with GQ. He said he’s the type of person who needs a long time to work on things, so he can let his ideas sink deeply into his mind.

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Although he’s clearly given much thought to his shift in personality, V totally forgot that his MBTI type changed!

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An ARMY recently asked BTS Weverse members to share their MBTIs. V adorably confused his MBTI type with his zodiac sign. He asked, “What was mine? I’m Capricorn.” 

Another ARMY tried to help V by reminding him that he was an ENFP, but they also forgot that his MBTI type had changed to INFP.

ARMY: Taehyung-ah, you’re an ENFP.

V: That’s right! ENFP

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ARMYs thought V’s little mixup was adorable and funny, and they posted about it on Twitter.


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