BTS’s V And Park Bo Gum Show Off Their Close Friendship After The Epic CELINE Paris Trip

Looks like their friendship is still going strong.

BTS‘s V and Park Bo Gum have always been close. They have been known to go on trips and fun outings together such as Lotte World. More recently, a warm anecdote of their friendship was made public when a netizen revealed that V had gone to visit Park Bo Gum in the military.

Fans were delighted when both V and Park Bo Gum had been selected to represent South Korea at CELINE‘s 2022 Paris fashion show alongside BLACKPINK‘s Lisa. The trip gave us many iconic moments of the three, like the charismatic shot below.

V, Lisa and Park Bo Gum. | @popbee/Instagram

While the three flew out on the same private plane, besties V and Park Bo Gum had a little fun with the camera. V posted a couple of photos that Park Bo Gum had sent him. Park Bo Gum took a few solo shots of V posing on the airport runway.

| Weverse

V stands on the tarmac under a clear blue sky.

| Weverse

The pair also took a few candid photos of them with big grins as they stride towards the plane.

| Weverse

V explained that he had around 50 photographs from his hyung and would be sharing them with fans slowly.

| Weverse

I just received 50 photos from hyung so I’ll…release them slowly I guess.

— V

Fans are incredibly heartened to see the two interacting once again. Hopefully, we get another friendship trip part. 2 soon!

V and Park Bo Gum on a trip together. | @BTS_twt/Twitter