BTS’s V Is A Completely Relatable Introvert In The Latest “RUN BTS” Episode

He was relatable and endearing.

BTS‘s V may be one of the most popular global celebrities, but he’s always relatable to fans.

Whether fans relate to his impromptu way of adventuring, his fear of the dentist, his relaxed way of watching K-Dramas, or his attitude towards dieting and exercise, V usually has fans relating to his effortlessly funny personality.

V | @thv/Instagram

And in the latest episode of BTS’s RUN BTS “Telepathy” episode, V is once more proving incredibly relatable to fans. For the episode, BTS were given different keywords and had to move to various locations in Seoul, trying to guess where the rest of the members went.

For the last keyword, “ARMY,” BTS were pretty confident that they’d all end up in the same place.

RM: I’m sure everyone will be there. I’m not worried at all.


But as V was traveling, he started to worry that he may have a different destination in mind than the rest of his members. To try and make sure he was on the right path, V wanted to stop and ask ARMY on the street where they thought he should go.

V: I’ll ask ARMY there if [I should go to] the first concert or the first showcase [location].


But in a relatable introverted fashion, even though V sees people, he gets too shy to ask for their help.

V: Here I go. I’m going to interview someone. I see students there.


V: I can’t do it.


V even practices his impromptu interview to try again.

V:Hello? Excuse me? Excuse me. Hello.


Before worrying that he’ll encounter someone who isn’t an ARMY.

V:Hello, are you an ARMY?” But what if they say they aren’t?


And giving up again.

V: No! I don’t think I can do it.


Even though V couldn’t complete a street interview, ARMY can definitely relate to being shy around strangers and found his reaction endearing.

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